Meet Karen & Dean

From the early planning stages, we were often asked if we are one of the big corporates. We are always very proud to say we are privately owned and managed. We have been in this industry for over 30 years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to The Boulevard.

Our reputation is one of providing exceptional care and service. We focus on the health and happiness of the residents - from those in the villas, through to the apartments and care facility.


“Our residents sell the village for us. They have always felt they were treated as individuals, regardless of the size of the village. Others are drawn in from this.”


We wanted to set the bench-mark for the future when building the first lifestyle village in Rolleston to provide the full continuum of care. To this end, we have a great team working with us who have a specific interest and a lot of knowledge in this industry. Our team are genuine in their commitment and enthusiasm to ensure Rolleston has one of the finest villages around. We all want to ensure the needs of the residents are met, and that the surroundings exceed their expectations - from the villas, lodge, and apartments, to the care facility.

Residents come into Retirement Villages today with individual expectations of the way they want their future to look. Many have heard about how great it is when they finally move to a village and are surrounded by the companionship of other like-minded people, while others seek the peace of mind that particular services and care are available if ever needed.

Our surroundings are of such quality that our residents may as well be in a holiday resort. Residents want a home which they are proud to show off to family and friends, and don’t have to worry about maintenance, gardens or security. They want family to continue being a big part of their life, and to share all that the village offers with them.

We know that residents want peace of mind and to know exactly what costs are involved when they enter into an Occupation Right Agreement at The Boulevard. They do not want the worry and cost of selling a villa or the responsibilities of the day-to-day management of the village. We are here to manage all of that.

Some villages will advertise capital gain but you have to pay for example: for full refurbishment cost, deferred village renovation charges, termination fee equal to 1.0% of the new capital sum, plus GST, operators legal and other costs, assist/introduction fee capped at 3% of new capital sum, costs of marketing and any real estate fees. With all these extras you will have no idea what your exit amount will be at the time. 

With the Boulevard any costs are all up front and you know exactly what you will exit with. 




The Team

In the later stages of our planning we brought together several shareholders and as a result of that, GE Construction won the final tender to build the village.
Grant England, the founder of GE Construction, has over 25 years experience in the building industry and specializes in architectural residential and commercial building. He has a reputation as a trusted and quality builder and is dedicated to perfection. His interest as a shareholder in the company gives us great reassurance that we will have ongoing quality as we move through the build process.
Trish & Tony Palmer are the other shareholders and their extensive knowledge of the industry, having worked in and owned a hospital and rest home prior, completes a really good team.  

Bonisch consultants came to us with a reputation of providing a superior level of service through the use of state of the art technology, innovative design, and sound project management. We know their expertise will provide the right infrastructure taking us through all stages of the build.

We want our village to set a bench-mark in regard to design, as well as set up technology wise for the future.

Ikon Architects Ltd led by Ian Krause and Tony Clarke have taken on the design of the village going forward. They are committed to provide services of the highest standard and their high quality documentation and robust co-ordination are the key factors to the success of our project. 

Sean & Brad from Design2 have joined us as landscape architects for the village. They have ensured that we can provide extensive gardens outside and around the villas to allow for privacy and shelter.  They are also designing different themes around the village to provide for variety and the individualising the villa stages. 

With a team like this, the bench-mark is set.  



Progress From Here

We have 40 villas completed and occupied.

January 2022 saw the commencement of 8 townhouses, which are a new design and look for the village. These are looking fabulous and two are already occupied with a further two to be occupied over the next week. From there there will be two more completed along with a two bedroom, double garage, standalone villa.

Six more town houses have just been commenced and will be completed by the end of December this year. We also have a further three bedroom double garage villa underway.

Since the New Year, The Boulevard has extended the village with the purchase of a further 1.8 hectares, bringing the total size of the village to approximately 6 hectares. On this new site we will be building 3-bedroom and 2-bedroom villas with double garages. All of these, even at this early stage, are under contract.  

There is a sales office onsite at the end of the Boulevard. 

This will be open most days from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday, or by appointment outside of these times; however it is recommended that you ring for an appointment to ensure someone is here to meet with you.  





Due to demand all villas are under contract; however you are welcome to place your name on our waiting list.



The Boulevard is a registered & accredited village.


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